Artemus 1: Crossing the Tempest

by Oneuro

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Drifting through the dusk
A race struggles to hang under
Pitch suns, the carcass of stars
Entropy is all we know

His practice, a test of the flesh
Artemus, the martyr
We seek an escape from this end
A wormhole departure

Free from hell
I set sail
Free from time
Aboard space

Drifting through the dusk
Steel encased we cross
Kindling hollow stars
The tempest we cross

Desert, barren lakes
Wasteland surrounding me
New sand, familiar sand
Oceans I seem to know
My practice, a test of the flesh
My purpose, a martyr
Wading through precursory dust
I make my departure

Talons dig into my skin
Dragging me through the dirt
Blaring sun grins overhead
Welcoming a new Earth
Through a slaving row we go
Bare lines of laboring thralls
Underneath a pyramidal shadow
I'm entrenched in a tomb of old

Strewn before the sun
Eyes not meant to see such divine beings
Strewn before their sun
Knelt before their king

Where have you come from,
Human born from the skies?
Stripped away from the unknown
Immolated are your lies

Locked away within a catacomb structure
Suddenly, black talons reach through the bars
A glitter catches my eye from its palm
Could it be a mercy in this bleak world?
I will know soon
Free from these bonds I flee and abscond
Before I make my way, the Crow speaks
Guttural tongues he sputters soothingly

"I brand you cursed with this stain,
Hear their voice, heed their name
The dead mourn within this mark of mine bear the weight of words to remind."

The Crow ceases to exist, vanished
Disoriented, I flee from this hell
Sunlight breaches these shade worn eyes as
I trudge through the sands, whispers haunting me

Remind me
Why must I
Endure your words?
Remind me
Sweet company
Why must I endure?

Carve away this metal shell
Leave behind the man that is
Carve away this metal shell
Leave behind the man that is


released July 23, 2015
Chris Thayer



all rights reserved


Oneuro Maryland

Oneuro is a concept-driven progressive death metal band from New Jersey.

Current Members:
Chris Thayer (guitar, vocals, writer)

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